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Driving Lessons Bristol

Driving Lessons Bristol for people who want to pass their driving test.
You will have notices there are many types of driving schools in Bristol and some will offer cheap driving lessons in Bristol however what you really want is to pass your driving test and get you licence in the fewest amount of lessons possible.

Today we are going to show you how you could save well over £500 on getting your driving licence. Yes of course you can go to a driving school in Bristol if you want and perhaps save £50, but that is nothing to saving £500, and your saving could potentially rise to close to £1000.

We will explain more now...

The savings can be broken down into 3 key areas.
1. Structuring your lessons properly - £300
2. Eliminating the need for private practice - £400
3. Passing first time - £300

So we are going to start with structuring your lessons properly because this is the easiest thing to do and once you reed it, it will make so much sense to you. We are going to start with an example of Anne and Zara, who are both buying 10 hours of lessons, we are going to show you who will learn more yet they both take the same amount of lessons.

Anne - takes a one hour lesson every week for 10 weeks
Zara - takes a 2 hour lesson, every 3 to 4 days.

On every lesson there needs to be a recap of the previous lesson because that is what happens with training, its not like filling a glass up with water and when you come back to the glass the water is at the same level. You would have mentally forgotten things and you will be out of practice. On each new lesson because Anne has a 7 day break and only an hour lesson, at the very least she is having to have a 15 minute recap. And that will cost her money.
It means for every 4 hours she spends one hour remembering what she had forgotten, so for 40 hours she could be wasting as many at 10 hours.

The DVSA say the average number of hours needed with a professional driving school is 47, so Anne could be throwing away around 12 hours of driving lessons which is in the region of £300 at the time of writing.

Furthermore, with Zara, because she is condensing her lessons into 2 session a week she is eliminating the need for private practice and that can be very costly. You can easily pay £30 a week to insure and fuel a family car for private lessons, now if you did that just over a 3 month period, that is a £400 spend.

So to give you a massive head start and the serious potential to save in the region of £700 copy the tactics of Zara and take 2 lessons a week and make them either 90 minutes or 2 hours in length. This is the bets way to get cheap driving lessons in Bristol - hands down.
No other driving school in Bristol can offer you anything better than this technique.

So how to pass the driving test first time?
This can save you in the region of another £300.
This figure is calculated from a new test, hire of the tuition car and remedial lessons, to go over where you failed.

There are 7 steps you need to do to make sure you have the best opportunity of passing first time. The first 4 steps relate to learning; the last 3 steps are a check up before you go to your driving test.

Learning to drive and passing your driving test is all about being safe, that is what the driving examiner is looking for, and they break safety down into these 4 steps.

1. Obeying the Highway code
2. Being in control of the car
3. Hazard perception and avoidance
4. The desire to be safe

So wouldn't you agree it would make perfect sense to implement those 4 steps on every single driving lesson? By the time you get to your driving test you will be driving like a natural, in total control and full of confidence.

But before your driving test you want to make doubly sure you are ready, so here are the final 3 checks.

5. To have completed your training and to make sure you can do everything by yourself
6. You are driving without any assistance
7. You have passed a mock driving test.

Thats it. That is all you need, and your chances of passing your driving test sky rocket if you follow this guide.
As far as we are aware, no other driving school in Bristol shares this information with you.
So pick up the phone and call the best driving school in Bristol.


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