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Are You READY TO FAIL Your Driving Test?
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Intensive Driving Courses Bristol

WARNING: "Intensive Driving Courses Bristol" your chances of passing your driving test become smaller with an intensive driving course, we are going to show you why and how you can increase your chances of getting your driving licence. (DID THEY JUSY SAY THAT..?)

Here are some statistics which you will not be aware of.
1. only 25% of all learner drivers pass their driving test on the first attempt.
2. Three quarters of all learner drivers will fail their driving test.
3. Failing a driving test costs around £300 when you take into consideration another driving test hire of the car and remedial driving lessons.
4. 50% of all driving tests including people taking a second and third test end in failure.

These figures only get worse if you take an intensive driving course.
They are official facts which you can find by contacting the DVSA, they are not scare tactics they are there to put you in the know how.

So how can you improve your chances of passing when taking intensive driving courses in Bristol?

1. Pass your theory test before you start taking driving lessons, this releases some pressure and gives you a great understanding of what you need to do with things such as hazard perception and also the Highway Code.

2. Dont take all of your lessons in one go, so for example dont take 40 hours of lessons crammed into 1 week. When you pass your theory test you can book your practical test but you will often find you cant get a test for another 4 to 8 weeks, so what is stopping you taking a few hours a week starting from now?
If you did just 4 hours a week for the first 6 weeks, thats more then half of your training, then in the final week or two weeks you can do another 16 hours, giving you 40 hours in total.

3. Cramming 30 or 40 hours of driving into one week will create learner fatigue, not only do you put yourself under intense pressure, you get tired very quickly.
If you have ever been in the back seat and driven to the south of France you are going to do at least 8 hours in the car, now imagine doing that for 5 days on the spin, you are driving and you are learning.  No wonder people fail.

4. Make sure that on every driving lesson you go through these 4 learning factors.
a) follow the highway code
b) be in control of the car
c) spot hazards and avoid
d) desire to be a safe driver

apply those 4 points to everything you learn and you will develop safe driving skills.
its these 4 points that will make you a safe and natural driver and it is what the driving examiner is looking for.

Just by completing a training course doesn't mean you are going to pass, you need to apply a strategy like the one we have created for you and you need to give yourself time. Intensive driving lessons in Bristol are fine if you use a decent strategy, and you dont even have to have you test straight after.

Here is another way of doing it.

1. You test is booked for August 1st
2. In the first week of July perhaps take a 30 hour course
3. then in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week look to take another 10 hours to help you finish off what you have learned and it gives you room to take a few extra hours if needed.

Be in control of your driving lessons, be in control of your future and plan your intensive driving course in Bristol to suit your needs.

If you are unable to work with us, there are other driving schools who we can recommend. A really good female driving school in Swindon is The Driving Genie. Vikki is an experienced instructor who can really help you pass your driving test.

If we are able to recommend other driving schools we will place links here for you

Intensive Driving Courses Bristol