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Bristol Driving School -The Best?

Wo is the best Bristol Driving School ?

It is sad to say but most driving schools in Bristol are nothing short of awful with many only having the minimum requirements to be a driving instructor, is that what you want?
Now before we say we are the best all we want you to do is read this important information so you can determine which driving school is right for you. If you like what we have to say and appreciate what you are about to learn then you might want to contact us, or you can take a chance with another driving school in Bristol.

What questions should you be asking when phoning a driving school?

As an outsider to the driving school industry with zero experience, it is always going to be very hard as a learner driver to be able to ask the right questions when phoning a driving school in Bristol. What you will want to determine is if they are worth value for money, or in other words will they be able to help you pass your driving test without asking too many driving lessons from you.
Typically the questions you will ask are.

1. How much are your driving lessons?
2. How long does it take to pass?
3. What is your pass rate?

Then after you have asked those 3 questions most learner drivers or their parents will have asked all the questions they can think of, everything else comes down to luck.
So ask these questions. also see Bristol Driving lessons

4. Are you a fully qualified or a trainee instructor?
5. When did you become fully qualified?
6. What is your grade?
7. When were you last graded by the DVSA?
8. Since you became qualified as a driving instructor what other courses have you done to improve your services?
9. Since your last grade by the DVSA what courses have you taken to maintain and improve your standard of teaching?
10. What post test services do you provide for newly qualified learners.

These questions are all very fair and while there are no wrong answers you will get a clearer picture in terms of the value for money. If you have two driving instructors in Bristol both charging the same price but one of the instructors you speak to is only a grade B, qualified last year, has not taken extra qualifications and the other instructor has been qualified for 3 years, is a grade A, currently taking extra studies and offers motorway driving lessons, which driving school appears to be better for you?

The first driving instructor may be perfectly fine but are they worth the same price?

How driving instructors are graded?
Every few years a driving instructor is assessed by the DVSA, around 25% of all instructors are a grade A, so the bar has not been set too high to achieve the top grade. Around 50% get a grade B and the rest fail and have to retake their test, however they still are allowed to teach.
The grading system used to be 6, 5, 4 and fail with Grade 6 being the highest grade, less than 10% of instructors had this grade.
While the grade is not a cast iron case for getting the best driving tuition in Bristol, it will  help you remove a few people you are now no longer interested in, or at least the rate they are asking for.

Why it is not a good idea to buy a special deal?

Special deals can be awful things to buy for a learner driver.
Here are a few points.

  1. You buy 10 hours expecting to get a flying start but later discover many of the driving lessons are held back for the driving test.
    2. You take your first driving lesson and discover your driving instructor in Bristol is not reliable and doesn’t turn up or is late.
    3. You quickly discover you have nothing in common with the driving instructor and you do not enjoy your driving lessons, they become a chore and you lose motivation.

    The right thing to do if you are interested in a special deal is to at least pay just for one lesson first and find out for yourself if the instructor is going to be any good.

What to expect from your first driving lesson?

How do you know the difference between a good driving lesson and one that is below average?
Some of these points are obvious, some are less so.

1. Did your Bristol driving school turn up on time?
2. Was the interior of the car clean and smelling fresh?
3. Where you made to feel welcome?
4. Did you actually drive?
5. Were you given a security briefing?
6. Were you given a progress report card detailing what you had learned and how well you performed?
7. Were you told what you will be doing on the next driving lesson?
8. After you left the car how were you feeling? Did you enjoy the experience?
9. The driving instructor should have been professional, no swearing, shouting and you should have felt comfortable.

How many driving lessons are you going to need?

Bristol Driving School:- The DVSA state you will need in the region of 47 hours to pass the driving test, this is an average using all different types of learner driver and is strictly just an average. You can reduce this average without the support of your driving instructor and using a bit of common sense.

1. Make sure to take regular driving lessons, if you can take a 2 hour driving lesson every 3 days or so you learning will be very rapid.

  1. if you only take one hour a week or miss weeks due to financial issues or others constraints you will forget what you have learned, you will be going over the same lessons, it becomes boring, frustrating and expensive.

    3. If you are able to take 2 to 4 hours of lessons per week you will need fewer driving lessons overall because you retain more knowledge in between lessons.

    4. The average learner driver will also need 20 hours of private practice, however by following step 3 you will not need to learn with a parent or friend.


How can you get cheap driving lessons without risking quality?

Lots of people want cheap driving lessons in Bristol and when it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between one school and another is there any surprise you buy on price?
So if you want cheap driving lessons in Bristol without compromising on quality this is what we recommend.

1. Using the questions above decide what your minimum service level is going to be and don’t accept anything below that.
2. Save up, if you can’t afford 2 to 4 driving lessons in Bristol a week then wait!
3. Pass your theory test before you start to take driving lessons, this will help you reduce the number of lessons you need.
4. By taking regular lessons as suggested you will not need private practice which means you will have to insure and fuel a car.

Lets say you did the average 47 hours at £22 an hour and then needed insurance and fuel for private practice. The total cost will be in the region of £1300

But what if you found a high quality driving instructor, took 4 hours a week, passed your theory test before you started the lessons and paid £25 an hour and only needed 40 hours.
That’s a saving in the region of £300.


What is the best way to pass the driving test the first time?

Your most important driving lesson is your first driving lesson because if it is conducted properly you will now know what you need to do on every driving lesson so you can make sure you are able to pass the driving test the first time.

On the day of your driving test the driving examiner is going to be looking for a few things from you.
1. Are you in total control of the car at all times. So no skidding, no stalling, no cruising on the clutch, steering, accelerating, braking and changing gear correctly.

2. Do you have the right attitude to drive where you are careful, considerate and thinking about being a safe driver?

3. Are you spotting hazards and taking the appropriate action so the hazards either do not come about or you take enough preventative action to keep you and others risk free.

4. Do you understand the Highway Code and making sure you are road legal.

These are the four principle factors your driving will be assessed upon, so wouldn’t it make sense if you used these four steps as a structure to every single driving lessons you have. So whether you are learning gears, reversing, over taking or whatever by using these 4 steps you will be making sure you are driving properly and safe. Therefore by the time you go to your driving test you will be driving  safe and like a natural, that is how you want to impress the driving instructor. In fact this becomes less of a driving test and more of a formality to show you are ready for your driving licence.

So for the best chance of passing your driving test the first time you need to gets things sorted properly right from your very first driving lesson.

How do you know if you are ready for the driving test?

A lot of learner drivers believe they are ready and book their driving test without speaking to the driving instructor and sometimes the learner driver is right. What you also want to avoid is the Bristol driving instructor saying yes or no, you need to be able to know for yourself as it will help with you keeping safe at all times.

Imagine this for a moment, you have passed the driving test and your driving becomes a little rusty but you have not recognised why. It could cause you to create an accident but if you have the skills to know where you are going wrong you can help yourself keep safe.

So a good way to see if you are ready is.
1. Do you know the Highway Code
2. Are you in control of the car at all times
3. Are you wanting to drive safely
4. Are you spotting hazards

That is your checklist, it is all you need to understand if you are ready to pass your driving test. Just apply it to every activity.
Before you go to the driving test please also make sure you have passed a mock driving test, preferably with a different driving instructor, your Bristol driving school should be help you to find a person they recommend, perhaps another instructor but from the same school.

Make sure you have completed your progress report card which will have been given to you on your first driving lesson and that all sections of the learning to drive syllabus are passed to a a level of being an independent driver.

Finally you are driving without the support and guidance from your driving instructor.


At the beginning of this article we were quite bombastic in our approach and we have received quite a lot of abuse from other driving instructors in Bristol, bit the point remains, do you want to be with a good driving school where you get the very best in value for money? Yes we do believe in ourselves and our services that we provide for you and there is nothing wrong with that, but we have also backed that up with some incredible advise that you will have never seen or considered before.

It doesn’t matter if you do not choose our driving school, we all have different needs but we do sincerely hope that the information we have shared with you today will help you find the best driving instructor in Bristol to suit your needs so you can go on to be a very safe driver and have every chance of passing your driving test the first time.

Have a lot of fun learning to drive.



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